Cary Elwes;
Creator: Anne-Marie Martin;
Ratings: 6,5 of 10;
directed by: Jan de Bont;
Genre: Action

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What a piece of junk. Non-actors populating a non-movie is not my idea of what cinema can be. If I never see Helen Hunt again, it’ll be too soon. I don’t mind Bill Paxton, because he obviosuly does not take himself as seriously as Ms. Hunt does. If anyone locates the director’s brain, please return it to him.
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Hey people come on! Give TWISTER another chance! Films, even action films, don’t HAVE to have “an inventive plot” or “decent performances” or “a script that wasn’t written by a machine” to be “good.” All I need is light, noise, and lotsa ‘splosions! Take those elements and paste over a thin layer of worn-out story borrowed from 10 or twelve other movies and you got a winner, thank you! Throw in some great acting-Bill Paxton’s “staring at the dirt” moment alone FLOORS me. And ever notice how Helen Hunt is constantly bustling about with her head down whenever she’s not scrunching her face into her patented “I’m sad and cute” look (Hello Oscar! that’s ACTING! And Jamie Gertz! Welcome back to the cinema! I haven’t seen you since LISTEN TO ME! And don’t even get me started on the lovable ragamuffins known as the “storm chasers” The way they’re thrown at us like we’ll immediately love them! The way you’re not sure how many of them there are! And the fat red-hared “dude” That’s what they mean by COOL! I mean COOL-AGE! And Cary Elwes! What a great villian! He’s in it for the money! Hsss! At first I wasn’t sure what accent he was doing, since it changed every scene, but then I realized he was doing all of them! And the F/X! WOWWW. This movie follows the rule “We got a computer, who needs a script. I love how the characters “find” the big tornado in the end-on a perfectly sunny day, no less-and drive right up to it with no damage done! I can’t wait to try that myself! I just hope I have lots of cans of delicious refreshing Pepsi-Cola(TM. br>
To sum up, this is a rollercoaster wrapped inside a thrillride of a movie and I implore you to give a second chance! Please don’t get hung up on this notion that a big budget action film could actually be daring and original and even a little smart. All we need are CGIs and THX sound and films made by the marketing department of the studios to keep us happy! Give me more! I’m waiting.