Osiris James Group , a Customer Addvocate, LLC Company, provides an on-demand direct outsourcing solution for green and clean technology products and services providers that can take your marketing department from cost center to revenue driver. Featuring sales and marketing recruitment, training, appointment setting, lead generation, virtual selling, social selling and sales and marketing automation, email marketing, SEO marketing, Mobile Marketing, OJG helps marketing and sales teams align their efforts and optimize ROI for real results—fast.

OJG’s sophisticated yet simple Customer Services Upgrade Selling System is the power behind the success of it network of trained B2B and B2C sales and marketing representative. The package offers are designed to meet the need of single sales agent, sales agencies and products and services providers of any size.

Ushering in a new Paradigm for Selling

What’s the sense in paying for expensive CRM applications, social selling tools, and marketing automation software, without having a trained workforce that can produce results for you?

  • Free Website Audit
  • Digital Marketing Audit
  • Free social selling Assessment
  • 3 Free qualified leads in your market
  • 3 Free qualified appointments

After your limited trial ends, choose a plan that best fits your business needs