On average, Osiris James Group users save up to 70% total cost of sales and marketing compared to the cost of using in-house sales and marketing Teams, while increasing revenue by 75% in 12 months. Who doesn’t want that!

Do you spend countless hours attempting to generate leads, attracting new clients and increase your revenue and profits… but see very little in the way of results? Let Osiris James help you generating more leads and scheduling more appointments and close more deals faster for your business.

☑ On-Demand Virtual Sales Outsourcing
☑ Virtual Sales Force
☑ Virtual Sales Force Support
☑ Market Research
☑ Lead Generation Campaign
☑ Appointment Setting Campaign
☑ Social Selling Forces
☑ Social Media Marketing
☑ E-Mail Follow-up


Benefits of Business Momentum Packages

⚡ A strategic plan with Osiris James Group Access Winning Strategies for Generating qualified leads, Scheduling More Appointments and Closing deals faster in 2017.
⚡ Increase Sales For your Business
⚡ Increase profits For your Business
⚡ Implement The Top 3 Sale and Marketing Imperative for Sale Business in 2017 Sales and Marketing Success will not just happen we must have a plan for making it happen. We’ll help you develop and implement your plan
⚡ Learn How to Maximize Your Sales and Market Budget into your greatest opportunities with step-by-step guidance from your own coach

                            From Here We Can Start

1.One Free website and Digital Marketing Audit Free Audit of the website and social media In this we will do a FREE!
2.Audit of your website to find out what best we can do in order to achieve the success this we will do a FREE!
3.Audit of your website to find out what best we can do in order to achieve the success


Virtual Sales Force

Market Research

Lead Generation Campaign

Appointment Setting Campaign


Business Momentum Include

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Sales Accelerator Campaign

Virtual Sales Automation campaign

E-Mail Marketing

Best Value




Independent Sales Agent Program Development

Mobile Marketing

Data Analytics

Mobile App Development